United to protect what matters.

it’s true

More than 500 people in South Carolina will die from gun violence this year. Our communities, our schools and our homes are not nearly as safe as they could be, and should be and it’s getting worse, year by year. But here’s the thing — there is a lot we can do to make our state dramatically safer.

a different approach

At Arm-in-Arm, we’re laser-focused on bringing together gun owners, veterans, medical practitioners, educators and other stakeholders to lead the conversation, and to create common ground efforts. We believe that’s the way forward — listening, finding common ground and rolling up our sleeves to make simple and effective solutions a reality. Research and data support our approach. We’ve identified specific areas that will have the biggest impact, and our community of passionate volunteers are working together to make these happen. So join us, and jump into the conversation!

our mission

Together we’ll reduce the public health crisis of gun violence by supporting relevant legislation and educating and inspiring communities across South Carolina to work toward practical solutions.